Registered Clinical Counsellor

​Prenatal and postpartum counselling



In-home counselling sessions available for pregnant individuals at home on bedrest and for new mothers in the first few months postpartum, with a referral from your midwife or doctor.

Identity Work

One of the most significant identity changes a person can go through is becoming a new mother.  The transition to this new role, this new self, is profound and almost inexplicable.  Truth exists in the old adage that the day a child is born, so too is a mother.  Prenatal therapy can help you prepare for this tremendous change.

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Changing Relationships

No matter how positively your friends and family anticipated this change and intend on supporting you, a new baby's presence can put an unexpected strain on your relationships.  Learning to clearly communicate your needs will help you find the balance you need in order to maintain your mental health.

Heather Doidge-Sidhu




Please note that Heather is on Maternity Leave until date TBD.

Maintain your sense of self as you  become a new mother.

Perinatal Mental Health

A significant number of new mothers experience prenatal and/or postpartum depression, anxiety, PTSD, or other mental illnesses.  With all the complexities that life has to offer, entering into motherhood with so many expectations can be really overwhelming.  Prenatal and postpartum therapy can help.