About Me

​Counselling is my calling.  I am a Registered Clinical Counsellor (#11848) and Canadian Certified Counsellor (#7486).  I hold an MA in Counselling Psychology from Adler University, and a BA from the University of Victoria. I consider myself to be a  strong advocate for social justice issues, and a lifelong mental illness stigma-fighter.

I celebrate human diversity and welcome individuals from all forms of families into my practice. I offer counselling services in-person in Victoria, BC, and around the world online.   My featured service is in-home prenatal and postpartum therapy in Victoria, BC.  In addition to Talk Therapy, I am trained in both Clinical Hypnosis and EMDR. 

Currently ...

EMDR Basic Training Finished!

I am SO excited to be able to offer EMDR therapy to my clients now, and am working on creating a pre-birth package that involves both EMDR and hypnosis for labour.  This is a game-changer for me in my practice in what I am able to offer my clients to prepare them for motherhood - so very exciting.

EMDR isn't just for mamas, though!  It's extremely effective for helping out folks struggling with anxiety, depression, low energy, stress, problems at work, relationship challenges, addictions, all that stuff that makes us pause, or causes us to struggle in our day-to-day lives.  Imagine what your life could be like, with all your old "stuff" cleared up, and no baggage from the past influencing how you deal with challenges in your present life - that is what EMDR can provide you with.



Counselling Philosophy

Life is beautiful. Life is excruciating. Oftentimes, it is both at the exact same time, and this can be very challenging.

I personally learn and re-learn that lesson every single day, particularly in my newest adventure as a mother.

My counselling approach begins with the belief that many people have not received the unconditional positive regard they need to feel well in body and mind. I offer you my genuine, non-judgmental support and belief that you are the expert of your own life and that your behaviours, thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations happen for a reason. 

Major life events, such as becoming a parent, can often trigger the opening of old emotional and psychological wounds and evoke a desire to heal past traumas in order to fully embrace the new challenges ahead. EMDR, in particular, can be incredibly effective in resolving old issues and giving you the freedom to move forward in your life.
I am comfortable offering counselling using techniques from many theoretical orientations, including person centred therapy, cognitive behaviour therapy, mindfulness, Adlerian, sand tray, and feminist and other systems approaches. Furthermore, I have training in clinical hypnosis, which is a powerful, positive tool to help people with a wide variety of issues, ranging from moving past unseen "obstacles" in our way, to addictions management, to preparing for labour and birth.


I offer in-person counselling services at 202-1005 Cook Street in Victoria, BC, providing services for  individuals, couples, and groups.

I also offer in-home counselling sessions for pregnant individuals at home on bedrest and for new mothers in the first few months postpartum, with a referral from your midwife or doctor.


Heather Doidge-Sidhu

Registered Clinical Counsellor

​Prenatal and postpartum counselling